Cable Dress

I tell my story through clothes.Inspired by the Netflix series “Cable Girls” and Thomas Myers’ book “Anatomy Trains,” this unique dress weaves together the concepts of love, communication and connection . Crafted using the makrome technique, the dress emerged from 250 meters of found telephone cable. Concealed within each loop are details symbolizing the intricacies of communication and the touch of technology. True communication, much like the weaving of these waste telephone cables, brings together individual elements to form a strong connection feeling, reflecting a power that exists everywhere with in the universe.

May fashion show us mercy

Monarchy is historically a form of governance where power is centralized in one person or family. Leadership in this system is often regarded as a hereditary right, typically passed down through inheritance.

Fashion consumption, on the other hand, can have various influences on society. While fashion can be a tool for individuals to express their styles and identities, it can also lead people into a constant cycle of changing trends, contributing to a specific consumerist pattern.

Monarchy and fashion consumption can similarly influence people’s perceptions and behaviors. Both require accepting the authority of a particular style or governance. Monarchy roots leadership within a specific family, while fashion consumption gathers people under the influence of certain brands or trends.

However, both systems often face criticism. Monarchy can conflict with democratic values and be seen as contrary to the principle of equality. Similarly, fashion consumption is criticized for issues like excessive consumerism and sustainability concerns.

Understanding the compassion of these systems entails a balanced evaluation of their beauties and potential harms. Both can deeply impact people’s lives, but how they are directed and balanced is crucial.”

Beyond The Borders

Fashion goes beyond shaping our outward appearance; it’s an art of expressing who we are and how we feel. Our clothes and style stand out as a means of projecting our inner selves. Therefore, it’s essential to create our own style rather than just following trends and express it in an authentic manner.

I refer to refugees as those who transcend borders, and this transformative collection draws inspiration from the experiences of refugees. These transformations allow for the emergence of unique and unconventional pieces. Yet, it’s not merely about the transformation of clothing items; it’s about conveying a message in the fashion world that emphasizes humanity and solidarity.

The experiences and narratives of refugees can carry a strong significance in the fashion world, delivering a powerful message of accepting differences and coming together. By contributing to sustainable fashion trends and offering an innovative perspective, this collection has the potential to inspire the fashion world significantly. I believe this collection will be both intriguing and meaningful.”

AJ X Argande


2016-17 Autumn / Winter “The Resurgence of Anatolia,” curated by Asli Jackson, embodies artisanal values while embracing the rich cultural heritage, serving as a tribute to both. It’s designed to foster women’s employment through a celebration of ancestral craftsmanship, thereby weaving a narrative that intertwines tradition and innovation.

The Resurgence of Anatolia collections manufactured by Southeastern Anatolian Women under the frame work of “Innovations for Women’s Empowerment in the Gap Region Project Phase with the partnership of Gap Regional Development Administration and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with Financial Support from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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The New Face of Wearable Art:
Fashion with Personal Development Messages

Fashion transcends mere style. In this era where it has evolved as a nexus of art and personal expression, the concept of wearable art takes on a different dimension. From shoes, bags to garments, each piece becomes a part of personal development, carrying its unique meaning and message.

With a creative outlook, Asli Jackson creating wearable art appeal to the fashion world not only with aesthetics but also with thought-provoking and inspiring messages. Slogans that provide motivation and awareness for the future of our planet are not merely written on fabrics but embedded into people’s thought worlds.

These meaningful pieces not only express personal style but also carry a societal message. Going beyond prevailing trends, each piece tells a story and calls upon individuals to change the world.

Personal development messages on clothing are more than just a fashion statement; they urge people to take action, to think, and to strive towards making the world a better place. This approach, broadening the boundaries of fashion, invites everyone to express their own style and simultaneously make a difference in the world.