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Beyond The Borders

Fashion goes beyond shaping our outward appearance; it’s an art of expressing who we are and how we feel. Our clothes and style stand out as a means of projecting our inner selves. Therefore, it’s essential to create our own style rather than just following trends and express it in an authentic manner.

I refer to refugees as those who transcend borders, and this transformative collection draws inspiration from the experiences of refugees. These transformations allow for the emergence of unique and unconventional pieces. Yet, it’s not merely about the transformation of clothing items; it’s about conveying a message in the fashion world that emphasizes humanity and solidarity.

The experiences and narratives of refugees can carry a strong significance in the fashion world, delivering a powerful message of accepting differences and coming together. By contributing to sustainable fashion trends and offering an innovative perspective, this collection has the potential to inspire the fashion world significantly. I believe this collection will be both intriguing and meaningful.”