A visionary

Asli Jackson, a Contemporary Fashion Artist and Creative Director, redefines fashion with embracing one’s culture, avant-garde aesthetics  and a enthusiasm for sustainable practices. With a background in fine arts and design technologies from the University of the Arts London, and a notable 20-year career, including collaborations with Vivienne Westwood, McQueen, and Shelly Fox, Asli is a trailblazer in the fashion industry.

Change, transformation, Thrivability first on an individual, then on a collective level. I thought encountering advanced transformation would be the most beneficial formula for Fashion. Initially, in my university thesis, I aimed to transform Anatolian stories and traditions using the power of design, bringing them into today’s world. This involves preserving our culture and values while discovering talents; transforming folk into contemporary designs, from design students to women’s cooperatives. It’s about reviving forgotten elements with memories,values and transformation.”

Her journey unfolds with a commitment to high fashion as well as sustainability, as seen through her work with Asli Jackson & Warderobe Surgery, an interdisciplinary creative mastery studio while we are wondering in Asli’s land authenticity. As a talented designer & creative director RTW creations comes to life. While The Upcyclist & Fashion Stylist Asli transforms discarded materials into astonishing products, embodying her ethos of reducing waste and reshaping materials into reusable wonders.

Driven by a unique lens on environmental issues, Asli’s global and empathetic perspective echoes through her brand philosophy. Through projects like “metamorphosis,” she fearlessly infuses her abstract world with the spirit of fashion, expressing commitment to change, innovation, and empathetic thinking. As she continues to be a one-of-a-kind artist, each creation pushes the envelope of modern design, marking the evolution of AJ Philosophy. Stay tuned for the forward-moving journey.