AJ Fashion Academy 

This enhanced curriculum delves deeper into individualized creative processes through design, emphasizes research methodologies for innovative design, and integrates additional resources especially tailored for a comprehensive creatively custom fashion education for academies and individuals.

 1.Fashion Aesthetics and Textile Examination

History of fashion, art and aesthetic principles

Fabric science, Fabric manipulation techniques, and Textile Innovations

The Art of the Design process, Prototype creation, and Art of 3D Draping Techniques.

  1. Trend Analysis, Research Methodologies, and Creative Design
  • In-depth examination and analysis of fashion forecast with emphasis on diverse research methodologies
  • Creative design processes focusing on individual expression and innovation
  • Draping as a means of creative exploration in fashion design
  1. Ethical Fashion and Sustainability
  • Sustainable materials and production techniques for the future of fashion and the Planet.
  • Ethical fashion industry, social responsibility, and fair trade principles
  • Circular fashion and the role of Upcycling in the fashion world
  1. Visual Communication and Art Management
  • Fashion photography, styling, and the visual expression of aesthetic understanding
  • Designing creative advertising campaigns and managing visual media
  • Event planning and runway organization
  1. Industry Experience and Career Development
  • Internship opportunities and collaboration with industry professionals
  • Projects with fashion companies and mentorship programs
  • Portfolio creation and support programs for career advancement
  • Custom Coaching